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What Our Guests Say

  • We truly had a fantastic hike! We appreciate all the organizing and coordinating in making it a wonderful time. Thank you for all of your lugging and slugging! It was an unforgettable time!

    --Carol, Carla, Liz, (Ontario) and Sabine (Austria)
  • I also very much appreciated both your help (and patience!). It was definitely an incredible trip and one I won't ever forget.

    --Tracy, British Columbia
  • The guides were very very professional and I felt very safe in terrain which is different from North Yorkshire. They produced meals from those rucksacks which my husband thought I was pulling his leg. We did see some envious looks from fellow campers too.

    --Kate, Scarborough, Great Britain
  • Thank you for an excellent West Coast Trail trip. I really appreciate all your hard work and guiding skills. It is what made the trip so memorable.

    --Kevin, Northwest Territories
  • We had a great time and all the aches and pains were worth it!! By the time we got back to my house we were feeling great. Elaine felt very proud of herself. Anyhow, I think you are amazing guide and I hope we didn't wear you out!

    --Denise and Elaine, Calgary

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The Tour

Esperanza Inlet and Nuchatlitz Inlet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, are full of native culture and history. The traditional territory of the Nuchatlaht First Nation, thses lands were inhabited for thousands of years before the arrival of the Spanish in 1774 and Captain James Cook in 1778.
Nuchatlitz Provincial Park, on Nootka Island, protects a number of archaeological sites. These sites include ancient burial sites on and around Nootka Island, located in caves just off the beach.
The inlets, including the finger inlets that branch off from them (Port Elize, Espinosa Inlet, Zeballos Inlet) were gouged out by glaciers during the last ice age, and are remote and isolated, enhanced by the stunning scenery, the anglers, kayakers, divers, campers and hikers to the wilderness area.
The open Pacific coastline is known for it's waves and beaches. Wildlife viewing might include killer whales (Orca), migrating gray whales, seals, porpoises and sea otters. Land mammals include black bear, cougar and deer.

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Day 0-Arrive in area, prepared for pickup the next morning. A guide will phone you to confirm pickup details.

Day 1-Guides and clients meet in Nanaimo at one of our pickup points. (Duke Point Ferry 0745 arriving 09:45) The bus journey up island to Zeballos will takes about 4 hours. The first night will be spent in Zeballos, where guides will Go over kayak procedures and skills, what to bring, etc.

Day 2-Launching at Little Espinosa Inlet, we head south along the shoreline then cross Esperanza Inlet to Garden Pt. on Nootka Island. This makes a good first days paddling objective.

Day 3-From Garden Point, the campsite at Rosa or Island 44 can be accessed easily. Paddling along the Nootka Island shoreline, we arrive at one of these islands.

Day 4/5-We usually set up camp for a couple of nights at one of these small island sites while exploring the myriad of other islands as day trips. In favourable conditions Benson Point, or Catala Island can be included in the itinerary.

Day 6-We pack up and begin heading back toward Little Espinosa to our vehicle. Usually back and packed by 1:30, we arrive back in Nanaimo around 6:00 pm.

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What's Included

Coastal Bliss provides the essential elements of the trip for you:

West Coast Trail sample menu
  • Transportation from and to the departure location
  • All kayaking gear
  • Dry bags to keep your things dry
  • All park fees for the adventure
  • Professional guides
  • All meals (except on any travel days)                   SAMPLE MENU
  • tent (shared)
  • gear rental options
  • A substantial preparation guide

We can't provide everything. You will have to provide:

  • Water Boots or shoes
  • Some food (on travel days)
  • Your transportation to the departure location
  • Accommodation before or after the trip
  • Sleeping bags or mats (available for rent)

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Getting There

If you are travelling into the Vancouver, Victoria, or Nanaimo area from afar, you should arrive at the departure location for your trip the day/evening prior to the trip start date and plan to leave the day following trip return.

You can fly to Vancouver (airport code YVR) or Seattle (airport code SEA) then connect to Vancouver Island using ferry, bus, or air, or arrange flights directly to Vancouver Island.

Flying to Victoria (Airport code YYJ)

Flying to Nanaimo (Airport code YCD)

Nanaimo Airporter shuttle service.
Servicing all of Vancouver Island from airports to ferrys to cruise ship terminals.  Tel: 1 250 758-2133

BC Ferries 1-888-BC FERRY (1-888-223-3779)
We will let you know the ferry to take for travelling to Vancouver Island, but if you want to check out times, you can go the the BC Ferries website at:

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Where to Stay

Naniamo Pick up & Hotels

Pick up: Departure Bay, Duke Point Ferry Terminal, or the following Accommodations:

Days Inn Harbour View Nanaimo
Address: 809 Island Hwy South, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, V9R 5K1
Phone (250) 754-8171

Best Western Dorchester Hotel
Address: 70 Church, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, V9R 5H4
Phone: (250) 754-6835

Painted Turtle Guesthouse
Address: 121 Bastion Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia CANADA, V9R 3A2
Toll Free: 1-866-309-4432
Phone: (250) 753-4432

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How you prepare for your adventure is important. Being well prepared will enhance the quality of your experience. Because we are travelling in wilderness, it is very important for you and for the rest of your adventure group that you are fit enough to handle the level of difficulty and demand with no problems. Our guides know how to minimize the impact of these demands as much as possible, but they cannot remove them. The depth of your experience can only increase if you have made sure that you have prepared well.

Your preparation will be different for different activities. Preparing for a kayak trip is different from preparing for a hiking trip. We have provided some basic information that can be downloaded through the following links to pdf documents. If you do not have the Adobe Reader, you can download it from the Adobe site by clicking here.

Use the links below to download some of the preparation files for this hiking tour. When you book your tour, we will send you a complete preparation packet to help you get ready. We've also included a couple of infographics to help you along.


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Need Gear?

We have gear available to rent if you don't want to buy a particular piece of equipment, or need to travel without it. 

Look over the following list to help you decide whether you want to rent. If you decide to rent gear, you can tell us on the phone or book it online with your tour.

Kayaking Tours:

Item  Cost
 Sleeping Bag Rental  $55.00
 Thermarest Rental  $15.00
 Rental Bundle 4-sleeping bag+sleeping pad+water booties  $65.00
 Helmet Rental  $10.00
 Water Booties Rental  $10.00
 Wetsuit Rental  $20.00


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Sometimes it is just not worth buying new gear, or carrying something with you over a long distance. With the current costs of taking luggage on flights or the costs of buying something that you just won't ever need again, it is helpful to have an option. Our rental gear is just that option to help you on your journey.
Novice: beginning kayakers welcome.