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Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: October 22, 2023

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") are a binding contract between Coastal Bliss Adventures Ltd., registered at British Columbia, Canada and its agents, contractors, employees and other service-providers ("Coastal Bliss") and you, the participant ("Participant" or "Participants").

These Terms apply only in the case where Participant books their trip with Coastal Bliss directly. If you have booked a Trip offered by Coastal Bliss through a third-party booking service ("Third-Party Provider"), the terms of the Third Party Provider may affect these terms and conditions.

In consideration of the Participant participating in a trip and/or other services provided by Coastal Bliss ("Trip"), Participant agrees as follows:

Guaranteed Departure Policy:

Between 75 and 61 days before departure, we make the decisions to guarantee tour departures based on the number of bookings. Although other factors may still require cancellation, our policy is to guarantee departures with four or more bookings by 60 days before departure. We cancel or offer alternatives to clients that have booked on tours with less than four bookings by 60 days before departure.

By 60 days before departure, we have committed to guides, transportation, permits, and other clients that have booked, as well as purchased food stores for your tour. Our Cancellation, Interruption and Refund Policy is based on our tour guarantee policy. We strictly enforce our Cancellation, Interruption and Refund Policy to ensure our ability to guarantee tour departures by 60 days before departure.

Reservations and Payments

Booking and Payments Policy:
The 30% deposit on your tour holds your tour space and guarantees your spot on the tour. Your deposit is non-refundable in most circumstances. If you pay the balance before the 75-day due date, the balance, less the non-refundable deposit, is refundable except under circumstances outlined in the Cancellation Policy. Your final balance payment is due 75 days before departure, and becomes non-refundable 60 days before departure. If you fail to pay the balance by the 75-day due date, you forfeit your deposit and lose your reservation. If you cancel within 60 days before the tour departure date, you forfeit your entire trip cost. This is necessary to guarantee that tours run when there is insufficient bookings after cancellations, and to cover the significant costs and commitments to run a tour.

We do not require you to prove you have Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, but you must sign our Terms Agreement that you understand and agree to our Cancellation, Interruption and Refund Policy before you will be allowed to depart with us. We highly encourage you to buy Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance.

For pre-bookings on tours that do not yet have set departure dates, the 30% deposit is still required to hold the reservation, but this deposit will be refundable until ten (10) calendar days after the dates are registered with the park authority. After this 10-day period from the registered tour dates, the standard Booking and Payments Policy applies.

All prices listed or advertised for any Coastal Bliss trips are expressed in Canadian Dollars and are exclusive of any applicable sales taxes or additional service or equipment rentals that participants may need for their tour. Prices are subject to change on our website without prior notice. The Participant accepts the listed price at the time the deposit is received by Coastal Bliss.

Coastal Bliss accepts payment via VISA, Mastercard, e-transfer or international wire transfer. If paying in any currency other than Canadian Dollars, the exchange rate set by the Bank of Canada on the day payment is made will apply. Participant will be responsible for any banking fees associated with payment of fees.

Cancellation, Interruption and Refund Policy

Due to the complexity and nature of operating in remote areas and forces outside its control, Coastal Bliss reserves the right at any time to cancel or reschedule any Trip, for any reason, including but not limited to logistical issues that may arise that may impede trip operations, hazardous or unsafe environmental conditions, legal and/or government restrictions, park closures, guide availability and commercial feasibility/minimum number of Trip participants.

If we cancel your tour due to park closure, unsafe conditions, lack of guides, or other operational reasons, we will refund your balance, including the deposit, in full. If we cancel due to insufficient bookings, we will refund your balance, including the deposit, in full.

If there are insufficient bookings at 60 days before the departure date, we will cancel the tour, notify you of the cancellation, and refund your balance, including the deposit.

If there are sufficient bookings at 60 days before the departure date, we will guarantee departure, and a cancellation makes the tour have insufficient bookings, we will run the tour with less participants. This guarantee is possible because of the strict cancellation and refund policy: we will make no refunds to balances or deposits on a guaranteed tour due to any participant cancellation, under any circumstances.

If you do not have trip interruption or cancellation insurance, you run the risk of losing the cost of your trip if you need to cancel. We highly recommend that you purchase trip interruption and cancellation insurance to mitigate this risk.

We are not responsible for expenses incurred by any participant in preparing for the trip (i.e. non refundable airline tickets, visa fees, equipment, etc.), under any circumstances.

Participant is required to submit all cancellation and/or rescheduling requests in writing by email to

Travel Insurance
As Coastal Bliss strictly enforces its cancellation and evacuation policies, Participant is strongly advised to purchase comprehensive travel insurance, including trip interruption, cancellation and evacuation insurance coverage in the event Coastal Bliss is required to cancel the Trip for any reason or require Participants' evacuation during the Trip. Coastal Bliss does not provide any form of trip interruption or cancellation insurance coverage for Participants and it is Participants' sole responsibility to secure travel insurance prior to the Trip Departure Date, and that such coverage includes any extended coverage for entering the United States of America. Evacuation costs can be significant, and such costs are the sole responsibility of Participant.

In the Yukon, visitors needing medevac, ground ambulance or hospital transfer will be invoiced for the full cost of these services. In British Columbia, the following applies:
Persons without valid B.C. medical coverage (e.g. visitors to BC/non-residents).
Rates effective April 1, 2020
$848 flat fee (ground service)
$4,394 per hour (helicopter)
$11 per statute mile (airplane) ($6.94 per kilometre)
Non-residents are also charged full service rates for medical care in clinics and hospitals.

Excluded Services, Costs and Expenses
The cost of the Trip does not included travel to or from the Trip departure location and Participant is responsible for arranging and paying for all required travel arrangements. If Participant is late in arriving at the departure location, they will either forfeit the Trip, or may, where possible, be able to arrange to meet the group at their own cost and expense. Any additional gear offered by Coastal Bliss, such as sleeping bags, sleeping mats, hiking poles, backpacks, gaiters or rain gear, are not included in the Trip costs and subject to an additional fee.

Participants are responsible and will pay all expenses incurred or associated with departing their Trip early for whatever reason including but not limited to illness, injury or other personal reasons. The Participant is responsible for paying their own evacuation, rescue, transport costs and for all other services not expressly included in the Trip. Evacuation expenses can be signficant. Trip cancellation/evacuation insurance is strongly advised.

Participant Responsibilities and Acknowledgments

As a condition of participating in the Trip, Participant acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1. Participants are responsible for their own well-being and confirm they are not aware of any medical issues that would hinder their participation or put themselves, The Company or any other participants at risk. This includes meeting any minimum physical fitness requirements required to participate on the Trip;
  2. Participants joining a Trip may be required to obtain a physician's release prior to departure;
  3. Participants acknowledge that they have been advised with sufficient notice to they are required to obtain trip cancellation, medical and evacuation and repatriation insurance and have been advised that personal, travel, baggage and other related insurance are highly recommended insurances that pertain to their participation in any Trip by The Company;
  4. Participants do not have coverage under any policies or coverage held by The Company;
  5. Participants are responsible for knowing all pre-departure information and to prepare and bring proper equipment and clothing as outlined in information provided to Participants prior to Trip departure;
  6. Participants are responsible to adhere to basic standards of personal hygiene (to minimize the risk of traveler's diseases) and as otherwise required by The Company before and during the Trip;
  7. Participants are responsible to act in a considerate manner toward all group members and with respect for each country's customs, values and traditions. Participant agrees to follow the appropriate 'Leave No Trace' practices;
  8. Participants are prohibited from using drugs that may negatively affect their performance while on the Trip;
  9. Participant gives their consent for The Company to use their photograph, video likeness and/or voice to be used in its publications, including its website; and
  10. Participants read, understand, complete, and sign The Company's form of Release of Liability and Waiver form and any other required document prior to the departure date.

No one may depart on a trip unless all payments and required documents are received by us by the deadline for document completion, which is 60 days prior to departure. Our staff and guides rely on having information well in advance of trip departure to ensure that they can plan for your needs. If participant fails to provide accurate information that may affect the safety or ability of the participant or others to complete the trip, participant may be denied departure, or be evacuated. If participant is evacuated, having failed to give accurate or complete information to us or our representatives, participant will be fully liable for any and all costs related to the evacuation, including transportation costs and personnel costs for arranging and fulfilling the evacuation. No refund is available if incomplete or inaccurate information prevents participant from completing the trip.

Changes to Itinerary

While Coastal Bliss will make reasonable efforts to carry out the Trip itinerary, Coastal Bliss reserves the right to alter or omit any part of the itinerary of any Trip, to substitute leaders, to change any means of conveyance without notice and without refund in its sole discretion.

Guides' Rights and Obligations
Given the nature of the services provided by Coastal Bliss, the decisions taken by the guide as Trip leader, are final. If the guide considers that the Participant's behaviour, physical condition, mental illness or any other reason emanating from said Participant may be dangerous to the safety, health or well-being of said Participant or of the whole group, the Participant will be asked to leave the Trip and shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever and be responsible for any additional costs associated with their departure such as but not limited to transportation, hotels, meals, etc. The guide, as the Trip leader, has full authority to decide on any changes to the itinerary, including, but not limited to ending the Trip if they consider the group in any immediate or future danger or in response to their assessment of the abilities of the group. The Participant acknowledges guide's authority concerning decisions that encompass changes in the Trip.

Objective Attempt
Coastal Bliss will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide Participant with an objective attempt to deliver the Trip as advertised and in accordance with the Trip itinerary, subject to the safety of the Participants and these Terms. Coastal Bliss cannot guarantee that you will complete or reach the objective of any Trip, including any final destination or the guarantee of any wildlife sightings. Weather, route conditions, wildlife, Participants abilities or abilities of other participants on any Trip may create circumstances that make an objective unsafe or unobtainable. Participant understands and agrees that no refunds will be given by Coastal Bliss for not reaching the objective or maintaining adherence to any Trip itinerary for any reason.

Governing Laws and Dispute Resolution

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the province of British Columbia and federal laws of Canada, where applicable. Any disputes arising directly or indirectly as a result of these Terms and Conditions or related to the Trip will be submitted and heard exclusively in the courts of the City of Duncan, British Columbia.

Full Agreement

These Terms and Conditions, together with the Release of Liability and Waiver form, and any other forms required by us to be signed by Participant, constitute the full agreement between the Parties. These terms supersede any terms of any third-party payment processor used by Coastal Bliss to collect payment. Participant will be responsible for any fees, including legal fees incurred by Coastal Bliss as a result of recovering any fees owing under these Terms and Conditions.


If any of the provisions of these Terms are found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not, to the extent permitted by law, in any way be affected and will remain enforceable.


If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions of Use, please send an email to:

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By reserving a spot on any Trip and making any payment to Coastal Bliss, Participant acknowledges and confirms having read, understood and accepts these Terms and Conditions.