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In our hearts, we all live on the land. That is the real world. We take away the obstacles to experience what is real, to experience your bliss. We show you the way. That's Coastal Bliss Adventures.

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World class coastal hiking tours, both at the seashore and in the Coast Mountains.

British Columbia is a sea kayaker's paradise, with many accessible, awe-inspiring tours.

A Canadian classic-canoeing tours bring the best of what Canada is known for.

Amazing Yukon and BC expeditions


We have kayak, canoe and SUP rentals at our dock in Cowichan Bay, as well as estuary and bay tours.

Climb Kilimanjaro or enjoy a Game Drive Safari in Tanzania through Kilimanjaro Bliss Safaris and Expeditions. Our partner in Tanzania is an accomplished safari and mountain guide.

Summers are time for kids and youth to explore and play. We are right there with them, hiking, kayaking and playing.

Cowichan is an amazing birding area, known for its raptors, expecially. But the variety of birds here is astounding.The wetlands draw an incredible migration, but also hold a vast number of resident species.



We Take Care Of You

We do the planning, logistics, and support. You do the experience and the fun.

All-inclusive Tour

From pickup to return, we cover everything you need, except your personal items. We take you to and from the trip start, and feed you well along the way. We can't guarantee weight loss on our tours.

Knowledgable Guides

Our guides get out into our areas. They know the ins and outs of the trip and provide exceptional interpretation of flora, fauna and history. You'll know more after you leave.

Supportive Preparation

We give you an entire packet of information on how to prepare, what to bring, how to pack, and a plan for training so you can fully enjoy the trip. Our care for you starts before you even arrive.

What Our Guests Say

On Our Vancouver Island BC Hiking and Kayaking Tours

  • We did the mini WCT with Coastal Bliss and it was incredible! I would highly recommend a guided hike especially if you are new to hiking. They take care of all the details including making the meals. Gary was our guide and also an amazing cook! It was so wonderful to be sitting on the beach enjoying a hot lunch. Coastal Bliss is a very well organized company. If you book with them you will be in good hands - guaranteed!

  • I have enjoyed 2 adventures with Coastal Bliss and plan to go on another one as soon as I can! With Coastal Bliss the details are all taken care of: shuttles, tides, trail directions, food, water; so you simply enjoy the trip. I would definitely recommend Coastal Bliss to anyone looking for an organized, safe and fun adventure. Especially if you are solo this a great option.

  • The food was fabulous - an exotic dish at every meal - right up to our lunch on the last day! Coffee ready every morning, along with a hot breakfast before setting out for a day of paddling in the Broken Group Islands, put the bliss in Coastal Bliss. I can't say enough about the superb organization and dedication of Coastal Bliss.

  • Georgia knows her stuff man... she has been guiding forever and you can certainly see that and she has perfected the art of guiding on the West Coast Trail. Coastal Bliss is the company I would recommend for sure...

  • We had a fabulous hike. Wow, the weather couldn't have co-operated any better. It made for an amazingly beautiful hike. Both Tom and I were very impressed with the food that was provided on the trip. We did not come off the trail hungry as expected. Thanks for an amazing experience! So glad we were able to do it. We are sharing photos and recommending to friends who are interested.

  • A long overdue thank-you for the trip last September to the Bowron Lakes. The adventure was first class in every respect and exceeded our expectations every day. When you said "they don't come any better than Georgia," you were almost right. Debbie too is a wonderful person, a warm leader and a delight to be with all day. She too gets a 10+."

  • I traveled to BC from Ontario to do the 6 days Broken Group Islands Kayaking trip. This trip was fantastic! Georgia and her team are so experienced and organized, it felt as though everything was taken care of. A true vacation! For someone used to planning summer canoe trips for groups, this guided trip felt like a relaxing holiday. The food was excellent, even 5 days into the trip.

  • Hi Gary...thanks again for a fabulous trip - and for endlessly helping me over rocks and stumps. Really enjoyed it...

  • I just wanted to thank you for such a great trip. I had a fantastic time hiking and was so impressed with how well Coastal Bliss took care of us from start to finish. The meals were delicious and Kelsey and Phil were great.

  • I finished a wonderful trip through the Bowron Lakes Chain. Your superb guides, Georgia and Vick, with their bright attitudes and professional competence, made a great trip fantastic. Did I mention the food? It was outstanding!

  • Georgia, I speak for all of us when I say your kindness and experience made this West Coast Trail trip a memory of a lifetime. I truly believe I will do it again knowing there is a slight chance the weather would possibly be somewhat better. Now I've done it I am glad that I did experience the trail in true West Coast Weather.

    Laurie, Amanda, Bethan & Lisa
  • Just wanted to write and reiterate what a great experience I had on the West Coast Trail trip that we went with Coastal Bliss. It was a trip that I won't soon forget. Thank you for the wonderful knowledge and service that you brought to the trip.

  • Just a quick note to thank you again for taking us to Duncan last night. Dad and I are home in Calgary now. We had an amazing time on the West Coast Trail and sincerely appreciate everything from you, Gary and James.

  • Georgia, thanks for a great week-the hike was better then our expectations. Your tireless duty to caring for us was appreciated along with the great gourmet meals. The place in Victoria turned out too be perfect great bed and washing facilities Thanks for organising our special trip and safe walking the trail again.

    Wendy and John
  • Just wanted to let you all know what an awesome time we all had on our recent trip with you to Johnstone Strait. The trip was very well organized. Georgia and Janet worked very well together and we all felt safe and comfortable under their care. The food was good, and plentiful.

  • I just wanted to thank you for facilitating such a great trip last week! I had a really terrific time and am very grateful for all the hard work and energy you put in to ensuring we were safe, well fed and entertained! Thank you for the great meals, the warm fires and sharing your knowledge. I learnt a lot and especially enjoyed the West Coast Trail shipwreck stories...

  • I really enjoyed the West Coast Trail trip - definitely challenging terrain but the scenery was gorgeous & Phil & Mike were both wonderful guides.

  • Thank you Georgia! My son, sister and I had a FANTASTIC trip with you kayaking in the Gulf Islands! The paddling was awesome, your cooking (and accompaniments) were wonderful - I just can't say enough good things about the experience. I will treasure these memories forever.

  • What an amazing trip! Thank you so much Georgia and Tony for excellent guiding, great smiles and laughs, being ready with a helping hand and schlepping the heavy packs. Who would have known that camp food could be so delicious? Thank you, Gary, for the delicious lunch at Pachena Beach and driving us to the ferry.

  • I must pass on my thanks to Georgia and Tony. I had a wonderful time, (in fact, I would think about doing it again) I enjoyed every minute of it and I am sure that is because of your expertise. Both yourself and Tony were wonderful guides, friendly, knowledgeable, great cooks, and most importantly totally committed to our group and aware of our weaknesses and strengths. I know, personally, I couldn't have done that without either of you. Thank you both and hopefully we will see you again.

  • I was totally impressed with this 6 day kayaking tour! Our 2 guides on the trip, Georgia and Gerhardt, were so in tune with making sure everyone felt comfortable with whatever happened each day. Both were experienced kayakers and knew the Broup Group Islands area and passed on pieces of that knowledge whenever possible. I joined the group without having previous sea kayaking experience but with our guides' instruction sessions, it wasn't long before I could steer my boat!

    Joyce S
  • Thank you so much for a brilliant holiday, walking the West Coast Trail. I really enjoyed my days on the trail. Great company and friendship. Beth, Kelly and Gary made it a memorable trip. They were very very professional and I felt very safe in terrain which is different from North Yorkshire. They produced meals from those rucksacks which my husband thought I was pulling his leg. We did see some envious looks from fellow hikers too."

  • Cynthia and I really enjoyed our Gulf Islands kayaking adventure with you. You happily tailored the trip and our days to meet our needs and accommodate the weather, tides and currents. The food was excellent (loved the spinach!) and the equipment you provided was of the highest quality that we have ever rented. We had such a good paddle with you we've been haunting craigslist etc and now are owners of a used Tyee fibreglass kayak like you have.

    Cynthia and Dave
  • Hi Georgia-Thank you for the awesome experience on the West Coast Trail. I loved every minute of it, you are a wonderful guide. Thanks to Tony as well. Hope to join you in the future for some more adventures.

  • I had a fablous time and I really appreciated all that the two of you did to ensure we all had a great experience. I still am amazed at the stamina you both have.... to keep us all organised, safe, get fires going, prepare meals plus hike the same 70km we do is amazing..... I also very much appreciated both your help (and patience!). It was definitely an incredible trip on the North Coast Trail and one I won't ever forget.

  • My experience on the trail was fantastic. James and Tony were outstanding guides. They handled EVERYTHING throughout the West Coast Trail hike in a most professional manner. It was amazing in every way.

  • I have enjoyed all the aspects of this trip (except for the wet few days we had). James and Toni work so well together and they kept us safe and on time.

  • It was such a great experience treking the West Coast Trail with you. Thank you to everyone for making it a memorable experience. Hope to connect with you again.

    Kelly and Cathy
  • The West Coast Trail experience was amazing! Thanks to each of you for making it awesome. I was really hungry for experiencing the West coast again as I had so much wonder and enjoyment from exploring the coast in my earlier life. The WCT was far more exciting and exhilarating than I expected. My exit from the trail was perfect for me, although I did miss greeting you all at the end.

  • I have very much enjoyed the Broken Group Island kayaking trip with you and Gary. I will definitely try to do it again, should I get back to the west coast in the near future.

  • We had a wonderful time hiking on the West Coast Trail and it was great to meet you guys. I hope all is well.

  • My thanks to you and our Coastal Bliss guides, James and Shiming, for a fantastic hike on the West Coast Trail. This was a trip of a lifetime. James and Shiming were so well organized, patient and thoughtful. They managed our diverse group through the challenging terrain with a keen focus on both our safety and enjoyment. I was very impressed. Again, many thanks for this very special opportunity to experience the rain forest and west coast of Canada.

  • I wanted to thank you, and more so, our hike leaders, James & Olivia for a great hike on the West Coast Trail. The scenery, ocean, mountains & wildlife (which included bear, seals & great bald eagles) were all I could possibly have wanted, including the great 'hiking' weather.

  • Thank you so much for such a well organised, exciting and challenging West Coast Trail hike this week. And thanks for the great final lunch when we'd finished! James & Shiming were amazing throughout & I always felt safe under their guidance as well as learning a lot from their knowledge of the trail! A truly superb trip.

  • Thanks again for a fabulous Nootka Sound kayaking trip and for putting on the whale show for us. Georgia, your knowledge of the area was invaluable.

  • What a great trip I had with Georgia and Carolyn hiking through the South Chilcotins this summer. You were right - what gorgeous country! The wildflowers were magnificent, the scenery breathtaking - and very few other folks in the area! For me personally - all the ingredients for a perfect trip!!

  • Hi Gary-Thanks a lot for your mail. That's cool that you finished the Juan de Fuca Trail without problems. Yes of course it is pity that I could not finished it, but it's better for my knee. Maybe next time!!!! Thanks again for your support in general and of course it was a great time in this two days. See you soon and take care

  • Thanks again for all advice and hard work on the West Coast Trail!

  • I hope you and Gary are doing great! As I am sure you know, I loved our trip and totally fell in love with the West Coast Trail.

  • Hi Georgia and Beth, Thank you both for your tireless energy and enthusiasm throughout this hiking trip. I couldn't believe how tasty and filling the meals you prepared were, and I think I actually gained weight on the hike. The views, and pocket beaches we camped on were spectacular, swimming at the falls was a real treat after the days hike. The crowning of this trip however was sitting in the sun at Friendly Cove, watching the humpback whales feeding off shore. The Nootka Trail was certainly a trip of a lifetime. Thank you.

  • Dear Georgia and Nick, I am still full of nice memories about our amazing trip. Every day I've got a short memory about an experience we had together: first of all the wonderful animals we encountered and the awesome scenery we saw, Nicks' impressive Eskimo roll, Georgia your great talent as a story teller; the daily delicious cooking, the meditative paddling and a good deal more. I'm very glad I had the chance to go to this trip with you guys and I appreciated every moment with you.

  • I'm back home since yesterday, physically but not with my mind. I just wanted to let you know, that I enjoyed the West Coast Trail hiking trip very well, everything was nice. It was the first time in my life, that I did an outdoor trip like this. Thank's for your always good company. For sure I'll come back next year.

  • Finish the West Coast Trail with Gary from Coastal Bliss Adventure is my best decision I made, I really enjoy the whole trip, not only the amazing views but also the delicious food. Gary is very professional and knowledge, he will show you the best view in West Coast Trail.

  • For two years in a row we have used Coastal Bliss to guide us through the Wild West Coast Trail. This year we also added a 1/2 day kayaking. Using Coastal Bliss ensured we get to see the best there is to see. A further advantage is that you will learn about the fascinating fauna, flora, history and geology on the coast. People do hike up on their own, but apart from the risk they take by going at it alone, they also rob themselves of a superior experience. While we were setting up camp they were cooking incredibly delicious snacks and meals. Who knew dehydrated foods could taste so good.

  • Georgia! Again Thanks for the awesome Vancouver Island kayaking trip to the Deer Group! It has been hard to concentrate at work; still on vacation time. Take care.

  • I just returned home from my second West Coast Trail hike and I truly believe hiking with Coastal Bliss gives me a much, much bigger experience than I could get on my own. Their understanding of what there is to experience on and off the trail, how to manage the tides to get there and an emphasis on safety that adds confidence to the picture. Did I mention the food, wow, the mac and cheese with brie and white wine was my favourite! I also hiked with some truly amazing people from all walks of life that makes campfires a lot more interesting. Most of all our guides Gary & Travis looked after every need with a smile. There will be a third trek and it will be with Coastal Bliss!

  • If you're up for the West Coast Trail, the guides at Coastal Bliss Adventures are a great choice. Gary and Travis took care of all the details so the camping experience was easy. They also showed us routes that few hikers know and introduced us to the environmental diversity that makes this trail so interesting.

  • Having researched ways of doing the west coast trail I decided to go with Coastal Bliss.This decision was the very best. Our trail guides from Coastal Bliss highlighted amazing parts of the trail which were missed by other hikers who opted not to have a guide...the food was excellent , nutritious and varied with a "Surprise" addition to one of the dinners mid week which was thoroughly enjoyed by all! If you want to maximise your experience of hiking the west coast trail and and get the very best it has to offer I would highly recommend the team at Coastal Bliss. Thank you Gary and Shiming.

  • A friend and I booked the two hour evening kayak tour in Cowichan Bay and it did not disappoint. Georgia and Gary were extremely friendly and helpful in teaching two newbies how to paddle properly and maneuver the kayak, and then Georgia guided us around the bay. It was a beautiful evening, the water was calm, and the scenery en route to the estuary was breathtaking. Georgia pointed out different bird species and we even spotted some seals swimming nearby. This was my first time on a kayak tour, but I will be back!

  • Reservedly we contacted Bliss Adventure Cowichan Bay to see if they could cope with old girls..2 with no experience. No problem, BUT "why dont you try our moonlight kayak experience?" It happened the moon was almost full just now. So we went for it. A whole new experience great fun and oh boy to see the moon rising up above the mountains as we paddled out at sea was unforgettable.We were made most welcome really enjoyed it. Thank you, it was BLISS.

  • My sister & I just returned from the West Coast Trail trip with Coastal Bliss. I miss falling asleep to the sounds of the waves, nightly campfires, shipwreck stories and delicious meals prepared by our guides, James & Travis. The terrain was interesting and absolutely beautiful. Thank you for making my "bucket" list trip memorable.

  • In May 2018 I hiked the West Coast Trail (WCT) with Coastal Bliss. The 9 day hike was well organized, the guides were very knowledgeable and highly motivated to allow for the best possible experience for the participants. Even the point "hear about shipwreck stories in the evening at camp fire" as promoted on the homepage was fulfilled :-) If you want to hike the WCT in a group and you're looking for people to do it with - Coastal Bliss is the way to go.

  • I have done 4 brilliant multi-day trips with Coastal Bliss including 2 amazing kayaking adventures; 6 days in the Broken Group off Vancouver Island in 2014 with guide Phillip and 6 days in Nootka Sound in 2016, guided by Georgia. Both trips were fantastic. Georgia even organised a special trip for me to fit in with my itinerary as I had limited time, travelling from New Zealand. Coastal Bliss is well organised for everything; the food is fabulous, the guides have indepth local knowledge and the locations are outstanding - all reasons why I have signed up on 4 different occasions with Coastal Bliss.

  • Highly recommend Coastal Bliss. Our guides James and Gary were amazing, patient and knowledgable. Food was awesome and our group tons of fun:)

  • We had a wonderful guided hike on the West Coast Trail in September and things couldn't have gone better. From pre-trip planning (equipment and clothing suggestions, physical preparation, food, environmental consideration, Parks Canada requirements) to pick up/drop off to excellent food on the trip, the communication certainly fulfilled expectations. Our guides were wonderful - experienced, knowledgeable, patient and with a sense of humour, they made a week+ strenuous adventure safe while fun. We had a fantastic group to meet up and travel with and will consider going again on another tour with this company.



Ecotourism Adventures
BC Hikes and Kayaking Tours

Your Vancouver Island Hiking and Kayaking Experts

Our Mission

We provide our guests with great wilderness adventures by taking them to unique wilderness locations, taking care of the planning and logistics, helping them prepare before they leave, assisting them along the way, feeding them well, and returning them safely. Each guest should feel like they have been through a real life-journey with us.

Our Promises to You

We have operated on these principles, and will continue to provide you with the following promises:

  • If you book our tour, we will not cancel it (unless you or our guides would be in severe danger).
  • We will work hard to meet any special needs you have on our tours.
  • You will get great food, no matter what your dietary requirements are.
  • You will see some things you normally would not see.
  • You will have a remarkable experience.

Multi-day Tours

Guides and Group Sizes

Our guides are certified to international standards, all have years of experience, and an ability to work with people. Our groups range from about 2 to 8, depending on the tour. We rarely go over 10 people (including guides) on any tour.

Difficulty of Tours

Hiking tours can be challenging, but we have taken people from 11 to 70+ on some of the most challenging terrain. Kayaking tours are usually much less challenging. If you are worried, just give us a call and discuss it with us.

No Experience Necessary

You don't have to be an expert hiker or kayaker. We will help you along the way. Even if you have never hiked or kayaked before, we will guide you through. You will get as much assistance as you need.

Should I Prepare?

You will need to do some preparation. We will give you preparation guides and are happy to answer any questions leading up to your tour. You will need some gear for our tours. This may just be appropriate clothing, but may also be boots or backpacks. Some of these things can be rented. The individual tour pages give you the gear rental possibilities.

What's Included

Our tours are meant to include almost everything from the point of departure. Of course, some things are best left to you, like hiking boots, backpacks, and personal needs. All the kayaking gear is included on kayaking tours. You will need to provide your transportation to the departure location and any accommodation you might need before the tour starts. Most departure locations are Victoria or Nanaimo, BC. Each of our tour pages states specifically what is and is not included.

Families Are Welcome

We like families. We can accommodate children, but they must be able to do the activity, of course. We do have kids and youth programs that are fun and challenging. Generally, our multiday tours are for 12 years-old and older.

Day Tours

Our day tours are sightseeing tours of southern Vancouver Island. These are tasters of the local environment and history. We travel around the local area by van, touching in on short wilderness walks to sights, or we kayak/canoe in Cowichan Bay. Walking or day-hiking shoes, a day pack, water, and food are all that's needed (although a rain jacket might be a wise inclusion).

Courses through Paddle Canada

We are committed to keeping kayakers safe and improving their skills. We teach sea kayaking skills in our local waters, which are dynamic, and fun. We are Paddle Canada certified instructors and Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC certified guides, supporting the sport of sea kayaking in Canada.

Paddle Canada Levels

We are certified to instruct at three levels, Introduction to Kayaking, Kayaking Skills Level 1, and Kayaking Skills Level 2. These levels take someone from never having been in a kayak up to multi-day touring and camping. You'll find more information on the individual course pages.