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Hiking Trips

Hiking Tours

World class coastal hiking tours, both at the seashore and in the Coast Mountains.


Kayaking Tours

British Columbia is a sea kayaker's paradise, with many accessible, awe-inspiring tours.

Canoing Trips

Canoeing Tours

A Canadian classic-canoeing tours bring the best of what Canada is known for.

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We provide sea kayaking courses for beginner and novice kayakers. Learn the basics in a fun course.

Kilimanjaro Hiking Trips

Kilimanjaro Tours

Climb Kilimanjaro or enjoy a Game Drive Safari in Tanzania through Kilimanjaro Bliss.



Summer Kids Programs


  • We truly had a fantastic hike! We appreciate all the organizing and coordinating in making it a wonderful time. Thank you for all of your lugging and slugging! It was an unforgettable time!

    --Carol, Carla, Liz, and Sabine, West Coast Trail
  • Thank you for your tireless energy and enthusiasm thrughout this trip. I couldn’t believe how tasty and filling the meals you prepared were, and I think I actually gained weight on the hike. The crowning of this trip however was sitting in the sun at Friendly Cove, watching the humpback whales feeding off shore...a trip of a lifetime.

    --Cheryl, Nootka Island Trail
  • The tour was excellent, particularly good was the fact we covered such a distance, which felt like we really immersed ourselves into the spirit of a mini adventure! Highlights for us included the sense of wilderness, cracking food and superb organisation. We will return…

    --Gideon and Sarah, Gulf Islands Kayaking
  • We both really enjoyed the trip and meeting everyone. My vacation buzz didn't wear off for a full week, which is unusual. Thanks.

    --William and Sally, Nuchatlitz Kayaking
  • I have very much enjoyed the Broken Group Island kayaking trip with you. I will definitely try to do it again



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Our Mission

We provide our guests with great wilderness adventures by taking them to unique wilderness locations, taking care of the planning and logistics, helping them prepare before they leave, assisting them along the way, feeding them well, and returning them safely. Each guest should feel like they have been through a real life-journey with us.

Our Promises to You

We have operated on these principles, and will continue to provide you with the following promises:

  • If you book our tour, we will not cancel it (unless you or our guides would be in severe danger).
  • We will work hard to meet any special needs you have on our tours.
  • You will get great food, no matter what your dietary requirements are.
  • You will see some things you normally would not see.
  • You will have a remarkable experience.

Multi-day Tours

Guides and Group Sizes

Our guides are certified to international standards, all have years of experience, and an ability to work with people. Our groups range from about 2 to 8, depending on the tour. We rarely go over 10 people (including guides) on any tour.

Difficulty of Tours

Hiking tours can be challenging, but we have taken people from 11 to 70 on some of the most challenging terrain. Kayaking tours are usually much less challenging. If you are worried, just give us a call and discuss it with us.

No Experience Necessary

You don't have to be an expert hiker or kayaker. We will help you along the way. Even if you have never hiked or kayaked before, we will guide you through. You will get as much assistance as you need.

Should I Prepare?

You will need to do some preparation. We will give you preparation guides and are happy to answer any questions leading up to your tour. You will need some gear for our tours. This may just be appropriate clothing, but may also be boots or backpacks. Some of these things can be rented. The individual tour pages give you the gear rental possibilities.

What's Included

Our tours are meant to include almost everything from the point of departure. Of course, some things are best left to you, like hiking boots, backpacks, and personal needs. All the kayaking gear is included on kayaking tours. You will need to provide your transportation to the departure location and any accommodation you might need before the tour starts. Most departure locations are Vancouver or Victoria, BC. Each of our tour pages states specifically what is and is not included.

Families Are Welcome

We like families. We can accommodate children, but they must be able to do the activity, of course. Generally, our tours are for 12 years-old and older.

Day Tours

Our day tours are sightseeing tours of southern Vancouver Island. These are tasters of the local environment and history. We travel around the local area by van, touching in on short wilderness walks to sights. Walking or day-hiking shoes, a day pack, water, and food are all that's needed (although a rain jacket might be a wise inclusion).

Courses through Paddle Canada

We are committed to keeping kayakers safe and improving their skills. We teach sea kayaking skills in our local waters, which are dynamic, and fun. We are Paddle Canada certified instructors and Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC certified guides, supporting the sport of sea kayaking in Canada.

Paddle Canada Levels

We are certified to instruct at three levels, Introduction to Kayaking, Kayaking Skills Level 1, and Kayaking Skills Level 2. These levels take someone from never having been in a kayak up to multi-day touring and camping. You'll find more information on the individual course pages.


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