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In our hearts, we all live on the land. That is the real world. We take away the obstacles to experience what is real, to experience your bliss. We show you the way. That's Coastal Bliss Adventures.

Look For Your Bliss Now

Kayaking BC's Amazing Coast.

Coastal Bliss Adventures is dedicated to bringing you the best wilderness experiences possible. British Columbia is a sea kayaker's paradise. We kayak the southern waters, easily accessible from Vancouver and Victoria. The seas around Vancouver Island are real wilderness areas, even around the inhabited islands on the east side, but these areas are still easily accessible. This is what makes Vancouver Island a playground.
Licensed to guide in both Pacific Rim National Park and Gulf Islands National Park, our tours cover much of the incredible waters of southern Vancouver Island. The Broken Group Islands are the ultimate kayak tour destination, however, the Gulf Islands are eclectic and beautiful, as well. But if you want to be even farther out, take a tour to Nuchatlitz Inlet or Nootka Sound, and fish along the way. Come, join us, and find your bliss on a kayak adventure on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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Kayaking Vancouver Island Broken Group Ilands
Broken Group Islands
6-day Kayaking Tour
from $1899 CDN

The Broken Group islands are the quintessential kayaking vacation. Tour through about 100 islands on the west coast.

Kayaking Vancouver Island Broughtons
Broughton Archipelago
7-day Kayaking Tour
from $2332 CDN

A remote kayaking experience in the protected waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland, a convergence for whales.

Kayaking Vancouver Island Nootka Sound
Nootka Sound
6-day Kayaking Tour
from $1899 CDN

Nootka Sound is the centre of the sea otter population on the west coast. Join the otters for a west coast paddle.

Kayaking Vancouver Island Clayoquot Sound
Clayoquot Sound
7-day Kayaking Tour
from $2249 CDN

BC's first UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Clayoquot Sound is a diverse, rich area for kayaking.

Kayaking Vancouver Island Gulf Islands
Gulf Islands
3 & 6-day Kayaking Tours
from $749 CDN

The Gulf Islands each have their own flavour. Explore this incredible area by paddling it!

Kayaking Vancouver Island Johnstone Strait
Johnstone Stait
6 and 7-day Kayaking Tours
from $1695 CDN

Kayak with Orca Whales in the Johnstone Strait. This is their passage to the migrating salmon, their food source. Join us for this whale watching kayak tour.


We Take Care Of You

We do the planning, logistics, and support. You do the experience and the fun.

All-inclusive Tour

From pickup to return, we cover everything you need, except your personal items. We take you to and from the trip start, and feed you well along the way. We can't guarantee weight loss on our tours.

Knowledgable Guides

Our guides get out into our areas. They know the ins and outs of the trip and provide exceptional interpretation of flora, fauna and history. You'll know more after you leave.

Supportive Preparation

We give you an entire packet of information on how to prepare, what to bring, how to pack, and a plan for training so you can fully enjoy the trip. Our care for you starts before you even arrive.

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